Introducing, My Nana's Tonic

Introducing, My Nana's Tonic

Hey, y'all! Welcome to My Nana's Tonic. We are a family founded business inspired by my Great Grandmother, Evie Drake (1889-1993).

She and my youngest so, Justin share the same birthday- March 12th. I love telling people that she lived to see 104 years old. What a blessing!

One of my fondest memories about Gran'Mama is her taking her daily tonic, that I learned as a young girl was her "secret" to living a long and healthy life. Her secret inspired me to start, My Nana's Tonic, a health a wellness company whose mission is to heal the body using the earth.

Using a family recipe passed down through generations, our goal at MNT is inspire and educate you on ways to heal your body with natural ingredients from the earth.

Our immune boosting tonic has been hand crafted and small batch brewed into an antioxidant powerhouse of organic vegetables and herbs! These specific and hand selected ingredients have been chosen based on their individual abilities to combat chronic inflammation and also help improve your digestion naturally.

Thanks for becoming a part of our story and brand. We're excited for you to build a better immune system with My Nana's Tonic.



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