Our Story

Our Story

Hey y’all!

Like most people I never truly understood the value of a healthy immune system. Not until I got my cancer diagnosis. My doctor basically explained to me that my immune system was so busy fighting off everyday toxins from food and the environment that wasn’t able to fight that one single cancer cell. One cell that continued to grow.

I can tell you this- I’ve never forgot that explanation. It’s been seven years “cancer free”over time and it’s become super important for me to do something everyday to positively impact my health. I practice my yoga & meditation, and on most days try to eat for my blood type. “Try”!

Last year I had a sweet fond memory of my great-grandmother, Evie Drake. She made a tonic that she took erryday. I loved it! It tasted like sweet onions. YUM!

I decided to recreate it to add to my daily regime. Adding my love for the kitchen, I added my own twist and bam…that’s how my nana’s tonic was created!

I hope, “Grandmama” is proud! I truly am blessed to have spent a lot of time with her. I remember her mannerisms, her recipes, her sweet little cream colored sweater she’d wear on top of her “house dress”. So many memories - and I’m forever grateful.

With love,


Owner, My Nana’s Tonic

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I really like the tonic. I was feeling really horrible one day after being out all day. I took the original tonic for about two days in a row , the third day I was feeling great. Also, I have a friend who son always suffered during the allergies season. After he took the tonic he came to me and ask did you give that stuff to my mom? Well I told him that I got it from my daughter Katrina. He said, well I haven’t been sneezing like I was before taking the tonic. His mother admitted that she has not seen a lot of used tissue around the house like she has seen before taking the tonic. So, I truly believe the tonic works and I’m not saying that because she is my daughter. Try it you might love it too!

Carolyn Wright

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