Frequently Asked Questions


What are the ingredients in nana's tonic?

Red onions, Raw honey, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar with "the mother" and Alkaline Water 9ph+.


Is the sediment or cloudiness in my tonic normal?

What's floating in my tonic? Is that normal? Yes! This is a live fermented product so contains spices, vegetables and the "living mother" that manifests as the solids you may see in your tonic. It's totally harmless and is in fact is considered to be the healthiest part of apple cider vinegar. Enjoy it!


What exactly is the 'Mother'?


The "mother" is the culture of beneficial bacteria that transforms apple cider into vinegar. Organic – or unfiltered – strains of apple cider vinegar containing the mother look murkier, and have been linked with improved health benefits.


What makes your product so awesome?

We take pride in all small batch production of tonic.  Our tonics are fermented and treated to a "specially developed" process for 30 days.  Only then are our small batches strained and bottled for their next "loving home".


How much should I take?

A good amount to take is a tablespoon a day. The dropper is there for your on the go convenience.  Using the dropper take a full dropper at least twice per day.  Just keep in mind this tonic is all natural and can be taken as needed or wanted (as long as you don't have an aversion to any of the seven ingredients).


What's the best way to take it?

You can enjoy it straight as a shot, by the dropper or spoonful. You can mix it with your favorite beverage. You can mix it with oil to make a scrumptious vinaigrette to pour over a salad. Or get creative and make your own recipe for enjoyment!


This cider tastes or even looks a little different than the last one I ordered. What's up?

We were scratching our head for a minute as well.  Then we realized just as mother nature varies from season to season, so does the fruit she bears for us to consume. Because our ciders are made in small batches using fresh whole ingredients that are available at the time of creation there may be a small variation in color and sometimes slightly in taste.

However, don't fret! We always aim to bring you the best of the best! Your health matters!


What if I am not satisfied with my tonic?

We know you’ll love our tonic as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just contact us within 30 days and we’ll issue a full refund.


Have a questions that's not listed? Contact us!