All about MNT

What is My Nana's Tonic?


a dietary supplement that can be used daily for immune support.  Our potent fermented tonic is jam-packed with powerhouse superfoods and nutrients.

What's in it?


The ingredients in My Nana's Tonic include:


      • Apple Cider Vinegar w/ "the mother" - Reduces Blood Sugar & helps with weight loss.
      • Alkaline H2O - Restores PH Level & Reduces Body Acid
      • Turmeric - POWERFUL Anti-Inflammatory & Helps with Arthritis, Joint Pain, Allergy Symptoms and Infection.
      • Garlic - Boosts Immune System & Reduces High Blood Pressure.
      • Ginger -  Helps Control Bloating, Gas and Constipation.
      • Red Onion - Powerful Antioxidant.  A member of the Allium vegetable family these onions are known to have anticancer properties. 
      • Raw Honey - Protects the Body from Inflammation that leads to health issues.
      • PLUS ELDERBERRY - a well known powerful immune booster, elderberry is known to naturally improve
          • sinus issues,
          • nerve pain
          • inflammation
          • chronic fatigue
          • allergies
          • constipation

How to use it?


  • Take it as a daily supplement in your dropper, as a shot, add to a beverage or even a meal. 

  • Take it to alleviate cold, flu, & allergy symptoms.

  • Take it to help with digestive issues like bloating, constipation and gas.